2018 Finalist’s Videos

Award for Safety Leadership

This is for an inspirational leader who motivates and engages their team to work safely.

Award for Safety Representative of the Year

This award is for an enthusiastic and committed safety rep that is driving the safety agenda at their worksite.

Award for Innovation in Safety

This award is for a company which has put in place a clever process or technique to improve safety either across an organisation or at an individual worksite.

Award for Workforce Engagement

This award is for an individual or team which has actively embraced engagement with its workers on safety matters, showing how a commitment to worker involvement in safety has contributed to an improvement in safety performance.

Award for Operational Integrity

This award is for an individual or team which has delivered increased efficiency or understanding of risk by putting in place sensible and proportionate risk management solution(s).

Award for Sharing and Learning

This award is for an individual/team or company that can demonstrate a learning and sharing culture either within their organisation, or who has made a significant contribution to health and safety through active participation in, or engagement with Oil & Gas UK or Step Change in Safety.

The contribution to safety could be through a work group over a sustained period of time, or be someone who has made a significant contribution to the development of guidance, or has worked to embed guidance effectively and sustainably within their company, or to share industry good practices widely.